Our Maintenance Plans

When It Comes to System Maintenance, Service Lion Always Reigns Supreme! 

The smartest way to keep your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems operating as smoothly, efficiently and affordably as possible is to provide them with the protection they need—routine maintenance. These tune-ups and inspections are just as important to your home service systems as they are to your vehicles.

At Service Lion, we take pride in routine maintenance because we know how important it truly is. During our inspections, we’ll make you aware of any issues we find right away. We’ll make any minor adjustments that are needed and will fix anything that needs more serious attention (with your approval, of course!). Here’s why: When you don’t address small issues when they’re first discovered, they will spiral out of control into larger (more expensive) problems.

Our training and expertise will help keep your systems running at maximum performance for minimum cost for years to come.

Join Our Service Lion Protection Plan

When you become a member of the Service Lion Protection Plan, you enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

  • Priority service
  • 10% discount on ALL repairs
  • Semi-annual HVAC inspections and annual plumbing and electrical inspections
  • No overtime charges
  • Automatic scheduling reminders
  • Increased system efficiency

The protection plan is $14.99/month and includes:

  • Heating & Cooling: Two visits per year
  • Plumbing: One visit per year
  • Electrical: One visit per year

Our Inspections and Tune-Ups are Super Thorough 

Air Conditioning

Check refrigerant charge

Clean condenser coil

Inspect evaporator coil & blower wheels

Inspect belts & pulleys; adjust as necessary

Lubricate motors & bearings

And more!


Inspect heat exchanger & burners

Clean pilot light; adjust as necessary

Check thermocouple & fan switch

Check for leaks

Inspect flue pipe

And more!


Check and test all transformers

Check electrical panels

Inspect and test arc fault circuit breakers (AFCI)

Inspect and test ground fault circuit breaks (GFCI)

And more!

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